Tom Kuntz

all his commercials are good, but this is my fav

Del Lumanta


Just found this blog post about me for Valentines day


Switch on switch off

One of the most important things I've learnt in fashion school so far is that my first idea is never original. The first spark of, what may seem at the time, genius, innovative, creative etc. idea will have no doubt been unconsciously pulled from somewhere or something I've seen and banked sometime, some place earlier. I've now learnt to never get too excited and attached to the first idea, BUT, if I keep tweaking and building on that first idea then I will quickly create something new and better, and most importantly, of my own. 


Close your eyes

I think I prefer these uncoloured 

Strangers that we meet

From the album By The Hedge by Minks. Cemetery Rain is also another good track off it. These tracks are more post punk whereas the album is mainly shoegaze.


I saw the darkness within the shadows

Assignment: 2012 forecast tailoring range for David Lawrence