A killer in me is a killer in you

CANDY 2 from Luis Venegas on Vimeo.

There is something about cross-dressing/androgyny/men with lipstick that gets to me. 

I get excited, feel tingly, my eyes widen, I feel like a meerkat on its hind legs. 

I think it's beautiful. Sometimes so beautiful it hurts.

Why do I have such a deep interest in this sort of thing? 

I can only recall it back to finding a wedding photo of my father (whom I've never met) back in the day day 

when photos were blurry 

and dreamy 

and weird 

and he had makeup on. 

It was a 'sepia' photo but his lips were soft and red and his cheeks were glowing and pink. 

It looked like they hadn't fully developed photoshop and photoshop skills yet and that was the standard touch-up for men.

But I also liked this guy:

He's like Vietnam's answer to Prince, not sure who came first though as I imagine Prince is way old too. 

Just like I'm not sure which came first in my life: this Vietnamese Prince or my fathers pretty photo?


Candy is the first "transversal" style magazine. Before that there was only tranny porn.

I missed out on the first issue, I felt hopeless. Second issue on sale in 16 days, I feel desperate... I must make sure I have enough money! I've set 3 reminders. mewmewmewmewmewmew

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